Thursday, Sep 1, 2022. After SBC 22 9am - 5pm PT / 4pm - 12am UTC At Stanford University (online attendance to be confirmed). Co-organized by Flashbots, Ethereum Foundation, with support from SBC

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This MEV workshop is focused on the post-MEV-Boost world and on the potential future where PBS (proposer-builder separation) is enshrined into the Ethereum protocol. It will cover research topics intended for researchers to learn about the latest questions around MEV at the protocol level, and to sync on the future topics we need to focus on collectively. The workshop is a satellite event of The Science of Blockchain Conference (SBC 22).

Below is a tentative schedule outline which isn’t finalized yet but can serve as support to understand the angle of the workshop and the speakers invited. You’ll find some speakers have already been confirmed while others remain to be confirmed. The schedule should grow as the event nears.

Section 0: MEV and proposer-builder separation (PBS)

11:30-12:30 lunch break

Section 1: Market Dynamics In A PBS World