Date: Thur 1 Sept (after SBC 22)

Duration: 09:00 - 17:00

Co-organizers: Flashbots, Ethereum Foundation (support from SBC)

Venue: McCaw Hall (the main auditorium), ****Arrillaga Alumni Center (326 Galvez St)

Registration: Given the overwhelming interest for our MEV-sbc Workshop, SBC event organizers have kindly allowed us to reorder our venue, which will have sufficient capacity for all who are interested, whether you have applied in advance or not. Registration is no longer required.

Parking: Galvez Lot at Stanford University. Please pre-register using this link.

As a special thank you for all who have submitted an application in advance and have been accepted, you will be able to claim your MEV-sbc tshirt at the registration desk.


Treasure map: For the curious (re)searchers, there is a secret portal that leads to our mevaverse.⚡🤖&

MEV-sbc Workshop is focused on the post-MEV-Boost world and on the potential future where PBS (proposer-builder separation) is enshrined into the Ethereum protocol. It will cover research topics in that area and is intended for researchers to learn about the latest questions around MEV at the protocol level and to sync on the future topics we need to focus on collectively. The workshop is a satellite event of The Science of Blockchain Conference.

The agenda below is subject to change.

Section 0: MEV and proposer-builder separation (PBS)