10am - 6pm CET, April 22, 2022 @Amsterdam

Location: Tolhuistuin (IJpromenade 2, 1031 KT, Amsterdam)

Video Recap: Flashbots YouTube Channel

Presented by: the MEV Fellowship

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<aside> πŸ’‘ mev.day is the 2022 IRL sequel to last year’s unconference mev.wtf, where the researchers and key stakeholders of the ecosystem came together to understand the state of the affairs and explore the MEV research space.


πŸŒ’Dark Mode Stage | MEV Dystopia

MEV is a centralizing force across stateful blockchains. How do we prevent blockchains from falling into the MEV dystopia?


πŸ’*Know Your Tip: The full playlist of mev.day videos is now up on the Flashbots YouTube channel. Click on the arrow bullet for each talk for an expanded view of further resources.*

πŸš€ Contribute to MEV research: jobs | research | data

πŸ›£οΈ Chapter 1: The MEV journey

⛓️ Chapter 2: The MEV supply chain